SPRING VELVET INTENSE Eau de Parfum 2.53 oz / 75 ml


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Experience the scent of sensuality with our new molecular perfume. Delicate yet intoxicating, Eau de Parfum Molecular is made from three precious molecules: Ambroxan, Iso-E Super, and Ambrox super, which creates a subtle and elusive luxury fragrance that surrounds you for many hours. 


About the Fragrance: 


-An ambery-musky fragrance with a hint of cotton candy. 


Sparklingly sensual, this molecular scent promises sleek elegance and an iconic warm signature. Enjoy the subtle yet velvety smooth trail that lingers in the air. 

What Makes Molecular Perfumes Special: 


Molecular perfumes are long-lasting, as the molecules do not evaporate as rapidly as traditional perfumes. Additionally, each person’s body chemistry is distinct and can interact differently with the molecules, which makes your fragrance unique to you. Enhance your natural scent and seduction with SPRING VELVET INTENSE Eau de Parfum.

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